How to prepare for Studio/Situation Test

The Studio /Situation Test consists mainly of design questions that have to be answered through making 3D models and writing about your design concept behind each model.  Criteria for Evaluation is…

  1. Originality of concept.
  2. Skills demonstrated through the creative use of material.
  3. Neatness of final model.
  4. Write-up of the concept explaining the model.

AFS NIFT / MITID /Srishti /Symbiosis Situation Test Guidelines

Think and ideate about the exercise for 5-10 minutes. Sketch out at least 3 final ideas. Choose one that is the most unusual and unique – something you have never seen before. Now, visualize how you will make it in 3-D. Select the materials and colors suitable for your theme.

It is not necessary to use each and every material given to you unless asked otherwise… Construct a stable form. Your work may be assessed the next day or after a few hours. The neatness of work is very important. Cover the cardboard base neatly with paper. No raw edges of your work should be visible. Explain your work in clear and concise text, avoiding flowery and idiomatic language. Make sure your handwriting is neat and easily readable. There are marks for the explanation of your work. It depicts if your thought process is clear and how successful you are in communicating your ideas.

AFS NID ENT. PHASE-II Studio Test Guidelines

NID has a series of Studio Test exercises that gauge your ability in the areas of

  1. Understanding the assignment /question and providing a unique yet simple solution.
  2. Construction skills and attention to detail. Completing the task in the given time.
  3. Observation, awareness, and interest in your surroundings, including sensitivity to smell, touch, and hearing e.g., You may be taken on a round of the campus or shown a few video clips and asked questions about it.
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