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Are you thinking of becoming a designer ? Are you inspired to create things ? Do you follow fashion and lifestyle content creators on Instagram and YouTube ? Do you think about creating products and are inspired to draw, design, doodle, explore materials, explore the digital mediums of creation ?

Are you thinking of new ways of decorating spaces ? Would you like to design buildings by becoming an Architect ?

You also would have heard the line that “Content is King” in the digital world. Would you like to create this content, design social media content, advertisements, campaigns, videos ?

Do you love the idea of becoming a Designer ?

If your answer is yes to any of the above then it is a good idea to research more and get design counselling.

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So to begin if you want to know Why Choose a Career in Design click on the link below

Now that you know you want to become a designer it is important to understand What are the different Fields of Design. You can click on the link below for the same.

NIFT and NID are some of the best design colleges in India and also recognized internationally. There is a competitive exam in which thousands of students from across India and abroad apply for these entrance exams that are held once a year. Please click on the link below for a 10 Step Guide to Prepare for NIFT / NID entrance exams

After a lot of effort now that you have got through the NIFT / NID Entrance exam the next step to research and prepare on is what to expect at the NIFT Situation / NID Studio Test. This will help you prepare for these tests. Alternatively please Whatsapp us from the live link on this page. Also you can click on the link below to read about How to prepare for the NIFT Situation Test / NID Studio Test

Are you thinking of applying to international design colleges ? Most of the

Click on the WhatsApp link on this page to Book a free session for online Design career counselling or click on the link below
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