Check how creative you are


So are you thinking of becoming a Designer ?

You also know that you like design and you think you are creative. However you do not know how to check how creative you are. Please click on the link below to take a test to check your creativity quotient.

Design entrance exams have many types of questions to test your creative skills. Some of these are written and some are drawing based. Please click the link below to download some creativity exercises, print them and try them out to practice for the NIFT / NID entrance exams.

As a Future Designer, you will need to understand the needs of your client. However, before you begin your creative journey, there is a need to know your own self better. There should be clarity in your thoughts, ideas, views, etc. You can click the link below to download some exercises that will be useful for your personal development as also in answering an interview panel. Discover yourself through these 5 Questionnaires. Click the link below

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