How to Prepare for Design Entrance Interview?


  1. Read the prospectus of the Design  Institute thoroughly. Be clear about the contents of the Course you are applying for, your career plans, etc. Carry a neatly compiled Design Portfolio and a Certifolio with you. You will not be nervous if you are well prepared and go with a positive self-image for the interview.
  2. Reach for the Interview at least 10 mins. before the given time.
  3. Your dress for the Interview should be semi-formal, elegant,  in a pleasant color, and not over-embellished. Please pay attention to personal hygiene and grooming.
  4. Greet your interviewers pleasantly and sit down only when asked to.Sit with your back straight. Do not cross your legs or arms. Your body language should be open, relaxed, and confident.
  5.  Be attentive. Listen to each question asked seriously, pause, and answer in a clear voice with an even pitch. Maintain eye contact uniformly with all members of the Interview team. Answer the questions honestly and with a positive approach. Avoid expressions like “ Er”, ”um” “you know” ‘you see” or slang expressions.
  6. Good manners always make a good impression.  Be polite even if you disagree with the interviewer. Do not argue aggressively. Treat the interview more as an opportunity for dialogue or positive discussion.

AFS conducts Design Interview tutorials online and works with each student separately through a number of mock interviews.

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