AFS Tips for Design Portfolio

AFS Tips for Design Portfolio

A Portfolio is a collection of your strongest artistic work that is presented as professionally as possible and depending on your area of talent,

Presentation Counts! Think of your portfolio as a ”visual interview ”  It must speak for itself. Strong Presentation shows work in its best light and indicate your ability to communicate in an effective manner. Edit your portfolio by keeping only your strongest work(quality over quantity)Clearly label images to coincide with inventory information.

You may include supporting materials such as resumes, copies of awards and certificates, and relevant newspaper articles or other features.A portfolio inventory sheet must be included.

A Digital Portfolio If applying for an Overseas Design Institute, you will be required to submit a portfolio online. The online file management system SlideRoom is the preferred means of submission. Or, you may be required to submit your portfolio by mail, send a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.

AFS conducts Design Portfolio tutorials online and works with each student separately as per the Design college you are applying for and as per your chosen design stream. We also help you in writing your letter of intent effectively as well as help in research for a design project.

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