AFS Classes

AFS Classes

Through the course each lecture is followed up with classroom assignments and work from home assignments in todays online world. Her you can see some of the students work.

Does this thought come to you – Do I need to be good at drawing to get through NIFT / NID?

Drawing is one skill that can be learned with good training. Our expert teachers at AFS have different techniques to teach drawing that improve your skill level and make you confident in answering the NIFT / NID written entrance exam paper.

Here you can see some of the work of the AFS students which is a result of the development of their drawing skills, illustration skills, composition skills through the NIFT / NID Entrance Exam preparation classes.

How to shade an iconic mobile phone – from 1998

Understanding how to draw an electronic gadget from a picture

Detailed drawing and shading to render crystals and glossy red finish of mobile phone

How to shade an iconic mobile phone – from 1998

Light and shade in drawing electronics to show shine

How to draw leather boots and show folds as well as the shine and texture of the material

Detailed shading of electronic devices

Detailing in drawing an iconic Nokia mobile phone from 1998

Understanding proportions – How to draw sports dark glasses

Detailed drawing of a men’s leather show showing the top – stitching and the texture of the matt brown leather

Example of How to draw a pair of men’s leather shoes showing them in relation to each other

Colour and shading to show the texture of a sports show

Example of How to draw a men’s leather show – notice the interior of the shoe details

Sketching of a sports show for Running – notice the details

Suede leather pair of shoes

Understanding proportion of a cosmetic item from studying a picture

How to sketch and render shine in metal and gloss in plastic casing of a lipstick

How to draw a set of cosmetics in relation to each other

Eg. Would help for an interior scene for a dressing table in a room

How to render and show transparency in glass bottles

How to sketch a motorcycle in details

Helpful for a market scene

Detailed front sketch of a motor cycle

Sketch development from picture to analysis to drawing

Sketch in colour of a scooty

Example of How to draw a sedan in colour pencil shading

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