AFS Mock Tests For Nid Nift

AFS Mock Tests For NIFT / NID

It may be one thing getting hold of the sample papers. Many are available on Google Search, some are available on college websites. However once you have the paper the question is

Where can I see the best solved Mock Tests / Papers for Creative Ability Test for NIFT NID?

Don’t worry we have you covered. In this section you can see some examples of our students work.

What are some of the typical questions asked in the Creative Ability Test of Bachelors of Design B. Des. And Masters of Design M. Des. ?

Drawing of various scenes is a recurring question in Art and Design, NIFT / NID / MITID / Pearl Academy of Fashion design entrance exams.

Here you can see some of the scenes that students are asked to draw and some of the work of the students of AFS answering these mock tests.

When you join AFS you are made confident and prepared for the exam by taking you through mock tests. As of now even if you don’t join AFS we would like to help you and hence have put up the work of some of the students here so that you can see how some of the typical mock test questions can be solved.

How to draw a market or shop scene, departmental store, counter for a designer boutique for the art, design, NIFT / NID entrance exams

How to draw the scene of a Birthday party which is a typical question of art and design test entrance exams ?
This is illustrated and shown here in the work of some of the students trained at AFS.

What is a typical NIFT / NID mock test question ? Illustrate a scene from the park. Here is an attempt for that by a student from AFS.

Draw a scene from your school canteen or from a cinema food court, food counter is a typical question for NIFT / NID entrance exams. What is being checked in the creative ability test ? They are trying to see your observation skills and how you can tell a story through your illustration.
Here we show your some of the mock test illustrations of the canteen scene typical NIFT / NID entrance exam question.

Scene at an Art gallery is a mock test question for NIFT / NID / Peral academy of Fashion / College of Art / IIAD / JSAA / DIA Entrance Exams. Here we show you some examples of the AFS students work for a scene at an art gallery. Please notice the attention to detail, the perspective, the relation of different objects to each other, the composition and the strength of lines and strokes.

Poster design on a key social issue is one of the main typical questions for art, design, NIFT / NID / MITID / Pearl Academy of Fashion Studies, IIAD, DIA entrance exams. Learn how to draw these at AFS. Here we show some of the works of our students on poster designs for various social topics.

NIFT / NID Mock Test – Poster on the theme “Stop Domestic Violence”

NIFT / NID Entrance exam mock test – Poster on the theme of caring for our elders and making the world a better place

Poster on Caring for Elders – typical mock test question for NIFT / NID entrance exams

Poster on Sustainability and Saving our Environment – current trending theme across design entrance exams and interviews

Public Health issue related posters as a topic for NIFT / NID entrance exams

Poster for improving public health as a topic for NIFT / NID entrance exams

Poster for Care for the Girl child as a topic of the Typical questions for NIFT / NID entrance exams

What is a typical NID Entrance Exam question ?

Illustrate through blocks of colour a theme or a city or a forest. Write about your composition to explain.
Here are some of the attempts of students to illustrate this exercise.

Product design related typical NID entrance exam question

Festival related product design question – design a product with the festival

Another typical NID / NIFT entrance exam question is to design and illustrate a stamp for either a year in the future or an upcoming occasion or event or social issue or national achievement.
Here are the works of some of the students showing the design of a stamp for India for a future year at that time 2020.
The examiner is trying to see what the student will illustrate to show progress, the choice of graphics, the theme of the stamp, the drawing quality and the total composition of the graphic of the stamp.

AFS has held multiple Mock Tests where students from across the country have participated and practiced their skills by attempting the mock tests for NIFY / NID entrance exams. This has given them a feel on what to expect at the NIFT / NID entrance exams. It also gives the student an idea of what skills they need to improve and overall builds confidence in taking the NIFT / NID exam. Practice of mock tests makes you more confident in taking the NIFT / NID entrance exam.

Students attempting the NIFT / NID Entrance exam Mock tests.

The smile of confidence from attempting the NIFT / NID mock test.

Hundreds of students taking the NIFtT NID mock test at Delhi

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