AFS Design Contest

AFS Design Contest

Design Contests help in pushing our minds to think quickly and prepare us for the NIFT / NID exam.

Here you can see the results of some of the design contests held at AFS to prepare our students for what to expect at the NIFT / NID written test.

Design Contest themes are based on topical issues, social issues, promotional messages, bringing awareness through design and overall getting a good grasp on visually transmitting a powerful message for effective communication.

What are the typical questions in Art and Design college Entrance Exams ?
How to build my creative and design skills for preparation for NIFT / NID entrance exam classes ?

These are some of the questions that are in the mind of students when they decide to apply for design entrance exams. At AFS one of the ways in which you learn design, build your drawing and creativity skills and most importantly build your confidence to sit for a competitive art and design entrance exam is through AFS Design contests.

It is easy to find sample question papers however on we are actually sharing solved questions and actual examples of winning works over the years which you can refer to and get inspired as well as more confident. We are doing this so that more students can get access to this knowledge and build their skills and confidence to take and get through the art and design entrance exams.

Best way to prepare for NIFT / NID Entrance Exams is through Design Contests.

How to prepare for NIFT / NID Entrance Exams ? Participate in AFS Design Contests.

What are the skills needed for NIFT / NID Entrance Exams – Development of creative illustration as per a theme.

How to prepare for NIFT / NID – Practice your composition skills through AFS contests.

AFS Students work for Design Contest – Preparation for Design and Art colleges Entrance Exams

Creative exercises to prepare for International Design Entrance Exams

AFS Design contest – Application of colour theory in preparation of Art and Design Entrance Exams

AFS Students work for Face painting Design contest

What are the questions in NIFT / NID Entrance Exams ? AFS Design contest to illustrate a T-shirt that has your statement

Solved questions of NIFt / NID papers – This AFS contest prepares you to answer typical questions in Art and Design Entrance exams

AFs Student Work

AFS Student work – theme based fashion illustration for preparation for Fashion Design college entrance exams

AFS Student work – showcasing how a theme can be converted to a fashion illustration or dress

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