MITID Webinar – Mobility Design Education – opportunities and Skills

Transportation Design Webinar organised by MITID focussed on the career opportunities of the field of Transportation Design as well as what skills are required incase you are interested in joining this design field course.

the webinar was by Asst. Prof. Vibhor Sharma H.O.D faculty at MITID and Mr. Sandeep Karyakarte Ex Tata Motors Design and visiting faculty at MITID

What we learnt from the speakers at the webinar is covered below.

What all is covered in Transportation Design or Mobility Design ?

This covers design of cars and bikes but also many other transportation vehicles everything that cover vehicles that carry things for dressing the needs of things to be moved.

What is the current most important trend in transportation design ?

Previously all vehicles were considered only as a mode of transport. As lifestyle changes both personal and commercial vehicles are seen as an experential space. People see this as a reflection of themselves, of the current scenario. Hence it is the responsibility of the designer to address these changing needs.

More number of vehicles have created challenges for the society. So the transportation industry is looking for and giving more sustainable solutions. Mobility designers and leading companies are working across the globe to develop more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles.

What is the career / job scope for transportation design or mobility design in India ? Which leading automobile companies are offering design jobs in India ?

The major international automobile brands are in India and some have design studios or production facilities in India. Many of the rest are looking towards India for setting up their studios.

Who can become a transportation designer ? What are the skills one needs to have to join a course for transportation design or automobile design ?

It is true of any career or occupation that being in any field you need to have passion for that field or career or stream of work. If you have that passion and you are willing to take up the challenge. hence if you have. passion for transportation design or automobile design then you are the perfect person to take up transportation design. However liking and passion is different. Just because you are interested in cars does not mean that you become a transportation designer. However passion is what drives you.

For joining the B. Des programme at MITID for transportation design the only requirement is that you need to have completed your 10+2 at school or should be in Class 12 at the time of application.

For joining the M.Des programme at MITID for transportation design a bachelors level education in Engineering or Architecture or a degree in engineering or architecture is preferred. However if someone really has a passion and shows this then they can also join even if they are from some other field at the graduation level.

What is the Scope of careers in transportation design or mobility design or automobile design ?

Today there is a variety of opportunities available to a someone who has studied transportation design or mobility design or automobile design. Some of the career opportunities ties or jobs available are

  1. Work in a company for cars, busses – interior designer, exterior designer, only on overall appearance, in a large company can work in an advanced design studio. There are also lots of suppliers in this industry who supply to the big brands. Tier 1 suppliers also have their automotive design studios
  2. Studios that provide design services to various companies or brands
  3. Start your own businesses to provide mobility solutions specially with electrical solutions coming up
  4. Graphic designer focussed on transportation design or automotive design or mobility design
  5. Accessories designer
  6. Within a design studio lots of allied things need to be done – models, sculptor
  7. Auto journalism picking up in India so you could become a journalist int his specialisation
  8. Design manager – this involves managing a team of designers and co ordinating with the product developers as well as the designers to ensure that the goal and tasks are understood and the time and quality requirements are met in the overall direction of the company vision
  9. Experience designer for customised solutions

Work could be in India and even abroad. Earlier design was a reporting group to engineering however now design is given a strategic importance. You could start as a junior designer go on to be a lead designer then a chief designer interior or exterior, chief designer of a studio then become a head of design, reach to the top of the company and become a chief design officer which is similar to a chief of marketing or a chief of Human Resources

Which are some of the Design Studios in India ?
Indian brands are working very hard to develop their own design studios. Leading this is the Tata motors and Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and Mahindra, TVS, Suzuki India specific studio, Bajaj has their own studio, Eicher also has a design studio

What are the additional skills Transportation or automotive Designers need to have ?

In addition to design skills a designer is also required to have soft skills like management, good technical knowledge, working with computer aided solutions.

Design related skills needed are Skills like – Drawing, Visualisation, Modelling, Cognitive skills – design is all about problem solving. Observation skills, Ability to empathise with users, Understand todays problems like sustainability, Technical skills of manufacturing, functioning, aerodynamics, ergonomics. Designers need to be Keen on knowing the future technologies.

Soft skills – Automotive design takes a time Good amount of patience. It involves Good presentation skills, Good Vocabulary to articulate things to work with seniors. Time management skills, Good team player skills.

Case studies done by MITID students were covered in the webinar.

Which are the companies MITID students for Transportation design or Mobility design have been placed in or got jobs in ?

In the recent placement drive major companies like Tata motors, Maruti, Eicher etc are looking for various designers not only automotive designers but for example Ola Electric has hired fashion designers from MITID. It is Not necessary that only the designer from a certain field is chosen.
Find the need and provide that solution.

Which are some of the other vehicles that are covered in Mobility design besides cars and motorcycles or two wheelers or other passenger vehicles ?

Some of the vehicles that need to be designed besides passenger vehicles are Mobile clinics to diy vehicles, delivery vehicle, freight liners, personal vehicles for persons with limited mobility, vehicles for security or to watch, special need vehicles, rovers.

What are the courses that are offered in Transportation design or Mobility Design ?

There are various courses that you can take to understand this field better. MITID offers a range of courses.

  • M. Des – 2 years programme 4 semesters – 1st semester – fundamentals, 2nd – learning, 3rd – advanced programmes, 4th – graduation project
  • B. Des – 1st year common, 3rd – understanding skills better, 4th and 5th semester developing skill set, 6th semester – continuation, 7th semester – broader system level thinking, sustainability, 8th semeser – graduation project

What is helpful in getting through the entrance exam for transportation design, automotive design or mobility design ?

Some of the things important for getting through the entrance exam for mobility design or transportation design are – Sketching skills, visualisation skills, 3D skills, knowledge of any digital software relevant, knowledge of the industry. If you are really interested you could work on this to develop this further before you join the course.

What is important to join any design course ?

Irrespective of which design course you join you should have

  • Curiosity to learn
  • Observation skills – what is happening around you, globally
  • Why – ask this question why this colour why apple is so famous, why Tesla is so famous, why this shape of design – enables you to think
  • Follow some good designers
  • Follow details of good design – to understand better
  • Express your ideas, put it on paper or any other format
  • Keep updated on whatever field you are interested in – what is the technology
  • Technology is a founding pillar of design

MITID has one of the largest sculpting studio where a full vehicle can be sculpted. MITID established in 2006, gained popularity, ranked as a top institute of India. It is Part of the State university. There is Support for entrepreneurship. If Students come up with ideas which have the potential for becoming a business then MITID has programmes accordingly to help.

MITID has 1400+ students, 64 faculty70+ visiting faculty, 500+ industry companies are connected to MITID, 125 acres of campus, 1000+ capacity of on campus hostel facility

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